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John Huddy has been fired by Fox News. He was the Jerusalem correspondent since 2014. Last spring, Huddy expressed frustration that he was being ignored because his sister, Juliet, had won a $1.5 million settlement from Fox News for sexual harassment. Her complaint was against Bill O’Reilly.

Ironically, John and Juliet’s father, John Sr., had been a long time adviser to Roger Ailes, the now dead and disgraced architect of Fox News.

I knew Juliet from the time we each arrived at Fox News in 1998-1999. But like so many attractive female journalists, Huddy seemed to be doing well, then not so well, then was demoted or disappeared. The same thing happened to Laurie Dhue.

Juliet was demoted to local New York Fox 5, demoted even more, and faded. When the Ailes-O’Reilly scandals broke, Juliet turned out to be one of the women who’d received settlements. She left the network.

But in the interim her brother, John, a respected journalist, had signed up with Fox News. He was sent to Israel in 2014. But this past summer, after Juliet left with her $1.5 million, John appeared in a story on Radaronline.com saying he was worried the network wasn’t using him because of the settlement.

This morning Juliet appeared on former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly’s Today show hour and talked about what it was like at Fox News. “You’re one person about to go up against a machine.” Huddy said. “It is daunting and frightening. And it’s — it holds you back from taking action sometimes.”

Not long after, Mediaite reported that John Huddy had gotten the boot.

Fox News is just as bad as you’ve heard, probably worse these days. I don’t know how anyone can take them seriously. I was there for ten years. I should know.

Watch John Huddy in action:

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