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Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show is born to run– til June, if it must.

That’s the best way for Bruce to ensure active participation in the Tony Awards. The cut off for eligibility is May 1.

Well, why not? “Springsteen on Broadway” will rake in an average of $2 million per week. It’s a great night and it’s also a good set– two hours, and songs Bruce can do in his sleep. (Not to say every show isn’t new and fresh.)

The original run was a short one, then extended to February 3rd. If Bruce leaves then he will be out of sight, out of mind for Tony voters. If he can make it through May 1st, he’s guaranteed at least a special award if not more.

In the end there will also be a CD once the show closes and most likely an HBO taping. Tony, Grammy, Emmy. Twenty or thirty million dollars. Doesn’t sound too bad. And even with an extension, “SOB”will sell out every night!

PS This show is a producer’s dream– no real overhead except for security. No costumes, no real set, some lighting.

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