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The Weinstein Company is over. Bob Weinstein — after blowing up the company in act of perfidy rarely seen — has accepted a bridge loan from an odd source, perhaps on purpose.

While TWC negotiates a fire sale, Bob has taken money from Tom Barrack, owner of Colony Capital. Of course, Barrack is a very important backer of Donald Trump. He even organized the famously small inauguration back in January. He also helped engineer Michael Jackson’s downfall via “Doctor” Tohme Tohme– but that’s another story.

Irony number 1: Harvey Weinstein did what he could to defeat Trump. Now his brother has taken money from the enemy.

Irony number 2: Colony Capital– which snatched Neverland from Michael Jackson and has never been able to sell it — previously owned the Miramax library after Disney sold it to them. CC already picked over Weinstein bones and then sold them off. This is the second time around.

It’s hard for me to read statements from Bob Weinstein depicting him as some kind of ignorant angel and victim in all these matters. Bob was always considered the more unpleasant of the two brothers, the more venal, and less artistic. Or not artistic at all. That he didn’t know what Harvey was doing all these years — in any arena — is absurd.

But what is really outrageous is Bob’s behavior toward his own brother. Yes, it does appear that Harvey has done terrible things. Bob, however, would have no life and a much different career if Harvey had not produced all those Oscar films. It was Harvey’s taste and aptitude for making quality films that put Miramax on the map. Without “The English Patient” et al, Miramax under Bob would have been Troma without the irony.

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