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Among the many Harvey Weinstein accusers is actress-model Lysette Anthony. She says Weinstein attacked her in London years ago.

But in a weird case of Small World, it turns out that Anthony was also once the sister in law of now suspended Amazon Media exec Roy Price. Anthony was married to Price’s brother David from 1999-2003.

Roy Price has been suspended by Amazon for sexual harassment in another case altogether. He had been running the TV side of things. Amazon cancelled the red carpet last night for Woody Allen’s “Wonder Wheel” lest there be questions about Price. Ironically, one of Anthony’s few good film credits is Woody’s “Husbands and Wives” from 1992.

Meantime, Anthony made headlines in the UK years ago for taking the father of her son, composer Simon Boswell, to court for assault in 2011. Boswell was acquitted.

In 2014 Anthony told the British press: ‘Over the years I’ve had a lot of expensive husbands. I have been homeless and on welfare. That was during what I called ‘the troubles’, and I had a mucky break-up with my son’s stepfather.”

Roy Price, meantime, has had his imminent marriage to Lila Feinberg called off because of accusations against him. And in another small world moment, Feinberg’s wedding dress was being designed by Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, for Marchesa.

Now see if you can repeat all that out loud without looking!

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