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The Wall Street Journal is reporting the obvious: The Weinstein Company is soon going to shut down and sell off its assets. They have no choice. Bob Weinstein and David Glasser activated a doomsday mission when they apparently cooperate in the ousting of Harvey. There was no way the company could go on, even with a different name.

But the end of TWC in the middle of awards season is tougher on the filmmakers than on the executives, all of whom have lots of money and real estate.

Right away, the biggest loster is “The Current War” with Michael Shannon and Benedict Cumberbatch. It didn’t play that well in Toronto. Harvey was trying to “fix” it with with a re-edit. But then all hell broke loose. Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon may never see a finished cut he’s happy with make it to theaters.

Really in a worse situation is “The Upside,” directed by Neil Burger adapted from the French hit “The Untouchables.” This comedy played really well in Toronto. Weinstein had it set for a last week of December qualifying run for the Oscars followed by a March release. Burger and the all star cast deserve better than oblivion. Any studio could pick this up and do well.

But then there’s “Mary Magdalene,” starring Rooney Mara and waiting for an Easter 2018 release. Garth Davis directed “Lion,” so there’s a lot of buzz here. Will “Mary” be sacrificed?

Also up in the air would be “Paddington 2.” The sequel to the original hit is set for January 12th. But again any studio can pick this one up, too.

What will New York be like without the Weinstein Company? Very, very different. Even though TWC was in decline, it was still a presence.  There was no movie business here at all before Miramax. Young people or people with short memories don’t realize this. But they will now.


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