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Anna Rose King is the beautiful (gotta say it), smart, and talented daughter of the late Roger King. You may remember seeing the production company name KingWorld on everything from “Oprah” to “Dr. Phil” to “Wheel of Fortune,” “Inside Edition,” and so on. Roger King and his brothers were the kings of TV syndication. Unfortunately Roger died ten years ago at the age of 63.

Luckily, his other legacy is a daughter who can act, direct and write. Anna Rose’s first feature, “Good Enough,” debuts today (Tuesday) on every digital platform from iTunes to Amazon and so on. When I was summoned to see “Good Enough” last week, I really thought, oh this is going to be terrible. But “Good Enough” is more than good enough. If Anna Rose had gone to Sundance or Tribeca, she’d be the darling of indie films right now.

But she’s her father’s daughter. “The deals were all bad,” she said. “And the movie would have died after a week in LA and NY and no one would have seen it. This made more sense.”

Breezy, quirky, and very fully realized, “Good Enough” is the story of a daughter trying to discover her dead father’s roots. It is totally fiction. Anna Rose knew Roger King very well. But Lorna, a flight attendant, never knew her divorced dad at all. So she goes looking for his long lost brother, crisscrossing the country. It’s a very amusing and touching journey. I don’t want to spoil the result, but it’s well worth being patient for the payoff.

Is Anna Rose King an heiress? I have no idea. But she graduated from NYU Film School and made her movie on the cheap. She shot “Good Enough” guerilla style. “I dressed up in my flight attendant uniform and we just shot in JFK and LaGuardia. La Guardia was really easy,” she told me. “Everyone’s filming something!”

Tonight “Good Enough” gets a Virtual Premiere down at the NYU Production Lab at 16 Washington Place beginning at 6:30pm. According to a release:  The entire production lab will be divided into different viewing areas reminiscent of the inside of an airplane. There will be a first class, economy, a cockpit and a Kodak Sky Lounge! Guests will be able to watch the downloaded film on Kodak Ektra’s – their new professional-quality, photography-first smartphones – all while wearing headphones (provided), similar to what a silent disco might look like. Each viewing area will serve a different purpose, whether viewers prefer to watch from a Kodak smartphone, their own phone, or tv screens displayed throughout the room. Babe Sparkling Rose and popcorn will be provided as well as other food and drinks. Viewers will be encouraged to use social media using the #GOODENOUGHMOVIE hashtag – and we will have various influencers going live on the @GoodEnoughMovie Instagram account to promote the virtual premiere concept throughout the nation.

And “Good Enough” is not a one off release. Anna Rose King is here to stay. She has many irons in the fire. And that’s a really good thing.


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