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Who woulda thunk it? Denis Villeneuve’s brilliant “Blade Runner 2049” is not doing business the way we thought it would.

After a big Thursday night, “2049” had a weak Friday. Now predictions are a tepid weekend of $35 million.

The return of Harrison Ford, the really inspired performance of Ryan Gosling, and the gorgeous cinematography of Roger Deakins all together have not driven audiences in massive numbers to the theater.

I’m starting to think the audience just isn’t that smart anymore. Or the smart audience doesn’t want to leave their homes because they’re either too lazy or too accustomed to Netflix.

Either way, they are missing a truly mesmerizing, wonderful moment in cinema.

But it is possible that “2049,” which is long, and can be slow in places, is simply too much for an ADD audience. Villeneuve makes contemplative movies. You can’t check your email or text during them. You have to pay attention. For “2049” you don’t need to know too much backstory, by the way, so that’s no excuse. You just have to commit to a great filmic experience.

Will Roger Deakins win his Oscar this time? I think there’s a pretty good chance. There are frames and set pieces in “2049” that will take your breath away, I’m going back to see it in IMAX asap. For anyone who’s putting it off, go tonight. You will not be disappointed.

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