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The list of potential inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame is out. And boy oh boy, it’s weird.

The list includes groups and artists who should have been in a long time ago– the Zombies, the Moody Blues, J. Geils Band, Nina Simone, MC5, The Meters, Chaka Khan and Rufus.

Then there’s a large selection from the New Wave era: Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, The Cars, Kate Bush.

There are more recent acts like Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, and Judas Priest (never that is never happening under any circumstances).

And then there are oddities: Link Wray, Siuster Rosetta Stone. And LL Cool J.

Pick 5 from this huge group. Here’s the problem: Peter Wolf of J Geils has been treated very badly by Jann Wenner, now almost out of business. J Geils himself died this year. This is a travesty. Put them in already.

Ditto the Moody Blues. Many hit singles, “Days of Future Passed” is a classic album. This has dragged on and on. It’s time to end this nightmare.

Bon Jovi should also be in. At this point Jon Bon Jovi hates Wenner. For good reason. At this point, Bon Jovi is the most improved longest lasting bar band ever. Lots of hits, and lots of philanthropy. In.

Chaka Khan– she’s my choice. No one knows who Rufus was. But Chaka is a stone cold superstar.

And then? The Zombies deserve something. But my choice would be Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler is simply too important not to be in the Hall.

Listen, this whole RRHOF thing is coming to an end. Rolling Stone is almost out of business. Wenner is moribund. Chubby Checker is still being ignored.

The Hall– or Wenner– will still add a few people on his own without the nominating committee. Billy Preston must be added, and producer Richard Perry.

PS I love Nina Simone, but she’s jazz, R&B, classical. Not rock.

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