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Adam Sandler Talks About the Raves He’s Getting for “Meyerowitz Stories”: “I don’t get good reviews ever”


Adam Sandler has never been thrilled to do publicity for any movie. He comes off as arrogant sometimes. Some people think he’s shy. Of course, Sandler is a lightning rod for conversation about film. When he’s acted seriously (Spanglish, Punch Drunk Love) you always feel there’s a lot of potential. Then there are the cult films like Happy Gilmore or The Wedding Singer. But then there’s a ton of Sandler’s filmed entertainments that are just silly and too numerous to mention. And then there’s the SNL stuff– Opera Man, the Chanukah Song. You love him, you just want him to be better.

Now in Noah Baumach’s “Meyerowitz Stories,” he’s perfect. Could not be better. Our PAULA SCHWARTZ interviewed Adam a few nights ago on the red carpet at the film’s NY premiere.

PS: You kept the mustache.

AS: Yeah man, I tried to get a razor through it, wouldn’t come off.

CPS: Can you relate to the dysfunctional family aspect of the film?

AS: When I watch the movie and I’ve been involved with meals that get a little out of control in my house, yes, but this isn’t my family. This is a very interesting dynamic because of a divorce and because of different childhoods and siblings and different relationships with the dad and in no way is my life like that but I know is guy.

PS: What was the rehearsal process like?

AS: It was like making a play. Like I was in college. It was like when I was in college and I used to be in plays. Yeah, it was kind of like that, a lot of rehearsing, a lot of all-day talking about the script and talking about your characters and being with different actors at different times and just preparing, a lot of preparation and then when we got there there was a lot more work to be done but you felt a little confidence going in with what we were talking about.

PS: Randy Newman said you wrote the lyrics to the songs. Talk about that: Some of the lyrics are as memorable as your “Put on your yarmulke, here comes Chanukah.”

AS: Thank you. They’re nice. One song Noah asked me to write about my daughter and I made it a duet with me and my daughter and the other one was just a silly thing that we were singing on the set, Noah and I both together, and then Randy played the piano on that one. It was amazing.

PS: So do you think he could score Toy Story 4 with your lyrics?

AS: Yeah, I plan on it. I’m just glad to have my name with Randy Newman. That feels good.

PS: It seems like the script is very tight. Was there any improvisation?

AS: No. No. One or two things happened that are in there but, no, it’s all him. All Noah.

PS: What was key to finding your way into the role of Danny?

AS: Talking to my director more and more and just making sure I was what he was thinking and got deeper into what he thought my character was, has been through and what he wants out of life… He’s alone for the first time because his daughter’s going off to college and he’s just got divorced and I just wanted to portray him as real as I could and it was easy to say Noah’s lines and sort of just bring the right emotion to it.

PS: Your performance has been getting raves reviews. Does it feel good to get reviews since sometimes you don’t get that.

AS: I don’t get good reviews ever but that stuff, but that’s okay, I’m glad that Noah’s getting the right recognition. I’m happy for him, yeah.

PS: Does it ever get you down?

AS: Nope. I mean it did when I was 25, but I believe in what I do and I like kids coming up to me and saying they liked my stuff and that’s why I did it.

PS: The good reviews must feel good for a change.

AS: That’s great. I’m hundred percent cool with that but either way I believe in the movie.

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