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Around 6 million people watched the second week of CBS’s “Kevin Can Wait” Monday, down from around 10 million the prior week.

That’s around the same number who usually watched “Kevin Can Wait” last season when Kevin’s TV wife was alive and kicking. But CBS killed her off in a cavalier manner last week, which may have turned off viewers who’d invested in Erinn Hayes’s Donna. Donna’s death wasn’t really explained. Maybe like Susan on “Seinfeld” she died from licking envelopes.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, Larry David came roaring back after six years with “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Larry scored 1,543,000 total viewers for HBO< considerably up from “The Deuce” at 9pm. Everyone got to hear about “Fatwa: The Musical” and the fatwa on Larry’s head. The show is still hilarious. Can’t wait for this Sunday!

And the good news is that comparably, for cable, Larry had 100,000  more total viewers than “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Civilization is still intact!

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