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So all the box office reports on Sunday were wrong. They were probably affected by the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, which knocked out a lot of moviegoing Friday night and all day Saturday,

Whatever the cause, here’s what really happened: “Kingsman 2” beat “It” and finished in first place. Their numbers respectively were $16,935,565 and $16,902,444.

The Tom Cruise movie came in third. “American Made” failed to cross $17 million, limping in with $16,776,330. This didn’t change the fact that this was Cruise’s worst showing in five years, and one of his worst of his career. “Flatliners” also did worse than thought, with $6.5 million.

Among potential Oscar flicks, “Victoria and Abdul” expanded into wider release and did very well. “Stronger” also expanded and skittered a bit. “Battle of the Sexes” is holding its own. “Wind River” continues to be a crowd please.

Coming this Friday and surely a hit: “Blade Runner 2049” from Warners and Columbia.

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