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CBS really promoted the heck out of Oprah Winfrey joining “60 Minutes.” She was touted as a special correspondent by everyone on the show. They almost played a fan fare

But in the end, Oprah’s debut scored the same ratings as last year’s season opener– around 13.5 million. It seems the people who watch “60 Minutes” are the same year to year. But at least Oprah’s segment was pretty interesting. She talked to people in Michigan about Trump, and they pretty much seemed to like him. I’ll bet that shocks people (like me) on both coasts. They didn’t care about Russia. They just think Trump is a big F-U to all of us. One woman predicted Civil War.

“Star Trek: Discovery” played its first and last time on the network before heading off to CBS All Access on line. They drew around 8.5 million people. Frankly, I didn’t even know it was coming. It was just…there. But it seemed pretty interesting. Michelle Yeoh is terrific. Once “Discovery” heads to All Access we’ll never know what the ratings are.

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