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Are you ready for “Let There Be Light”?

The Christian faith-based movie is executive produced by Fox News’s Sean Hannity, and he’s already promoting it on Twitter. Hannity is also IN the movie, for god’s sake, plugging himself and Fox News. Religiously.

“Let There Be a Light” looks like quite the vanity production. Remember Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules? He and his entire family are in it. That’s an acting dynasty we didn’t know about before. (No sign of Xena, but maybe in the sequel.)

Luckily for all involved “Let There Be Light” opens just as Hannity moves to 9pm on Fox News to take on Rachel Maddow. Since Fox News is featured in the film, my guess is we’ll be seeing a lot of the film on Fox News.

Get ready.

PS Dionne Warwick makes a cameo as her son, Damon Elliott, is listed as a producer. If she sings, I’ll see it.

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