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If you watched Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” show last night, it was an infomercial for Demi Lovato and her new album. Either Jimmy really likes Lovato’s new song “Sorry Not Sorry” or something else was going on.

The result was like magic. “Sorry Not Sorry” was at number 78 on iTunes when the show started. This afternoon it’s at number 13. No one is sorry about that! The single was released back on July 11th and had been sitting around like a lox all summer!

Fallon had Lovato on as a guest, then did a game with her, and then she performed. His other guest was John Cleese of Monty Python, who was hilarious.

I like Demi Lovato, she has a great voice and she’s a straight shooter. She’ll be writing Jimmy “thank you notes” for years to come.

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