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Bill O’Reilly told Matt Lauer this morning that he has no idea why he was fired from Fox News. He tells Lauer “It was a business decision. There are billions of dollars at stake. They could prosper more without me.”

He calls his firing six months ago “a hit job, a political hit job.” He says, “I never mistreated anyone on my watch in 42 years.”

O’Reilly denies having any sexual harassment cases against him. He told Lauer that he never had a problem with Human Resources in his 42 years on the air. He explains why”You can’t win those lawsuits. I could do that but the collateral damage…every allegation is a conviction.”

Why didn’t he sue the women who filed complaints against him or sued Fox? “Those lawsuits involved many other people. You don’t have this story, Lauer, correct.”

Watch. Sad!

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