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Last night’s Emmy’s continued the trend of being the lowest rated ever.NFL Football on NBC had more than twice the number of total viewers. The second week of a new “Galaxy Quest” type sci fi spoof on Fox called “The Orville” beat the Emmys in the key demo. A brand new show.

OK, this is the problem with the Emmy Awards. Even though, yes, last night’s show was great, and the winners were wonderful, and the speeches heartfelt and moving– this is the problem– there are no ratings for this show.

It’s a downward spiral for the Emmys because they feature actors from shows with either low ratings, no ratings, or not on TV. You can’t ask people to watch a show about TV and then not have anyone from TV.  If you do, then it’s the Cable ACE Awards. Remember them?

I did think that CBS might pony up some “NCIS” stars like Mark Harmon, or actors from their other shows. CBS may not have Emmy winners, but they have stars from highly rated programs. An Emmys on CBS would have been a good time for Harmon, Michael Weatherly, et al.– actors whom the CBS non-football audience might like to see– at least as presenters.

Kudos to the Emmy producers– the show was terrific, I thought– and I didn’t mind the Trump bashing. That wasn’t the problem. But I guarantee you next year, when the Emmys are on NBC, every member of the “This Is Us” cast will present.

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