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Emmy Swag: Can’t Live Without It Plus Where Else Do See Bruce Dern, John Savage, and Marilu Henner in One Place?


We caught up with one of our favorites, actor John Savage, at Doris Bergman’s Eight Annual Emmy Style Lounge & Party at Fig & Olive, hosted by and Skinside.  John, so well known for war themed films such as “The Deer Hunter,” “The Onion Field,” and “Salvador,”  flew in from Italy, where he did two movies back to back.   He also just finished location shooting in Costa Rica for another Vietnam themed movie,  “The Last Full Measure“ with Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Fonda, Amy Madigan, Christopher Plummer, Bradley Whitford and Michael Imperioli.  

John explained the resurgence this genre, “Vietnam –themed films are likely due to the current feeling that we should not be militarily involved in foreign conflict.”   John also cheekily added,  I  usually don’t go to these, but my friend Doris does a lot for charity.” (This one benefited Wednesday’s Child.) John and other celebs, including the always busy Marilu Henner, Brigitte Nielson (looking radiant with a mini entourage) “Ray Donovan’s” Steven Bauer, Maria Conchita Alonso, Bruce Dern, Denise Boutte from Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns” and more got gifted with the top lifestyle, beauty, fashion and pet products.  Highlights were the always classic and Hollywood popular Art Lewin’s bowties and socks, Twisted Silver’s funky, stylish jewelry, My Saint My Hero’s unique, lovely bracelets and Christy Aaron’s Pampered Pet Playhouse Resort & Spa, fun doggie stuff and her CJ’s Pet Staycation along with homemade treats.

Others brands included Abingdon Co. Timepieces, The Dry Bar, Montrose Regenerative Cosmetics & Laser Center, Curlifornia, Hair Swell, Chef Elliott’s Red Velvet Bourbon Bundt Cakes & Signature Spices, Olympia Luggage, USA, Spa Girl Vodka, Hashtag Hooker, Signature Innovation Group Men’s Wear, Hint Water, Sue Wong Couture & Fragrance, Jeanne Vixen Jewelry, Reema Beauty, Burger Time, Single Dress, Kaya Di Koko, Single Underwear for Men, Mascarpone Cheesecake by Chef Turok, Rock Your Hair,, Sunless Beauty, Purad’or,, “Loaded Dice Films’ “Wheels” DVDs, Astrologer Kelly Surtees, and VIP gift bags provided by Buy  Doris Bergman once again has the go-to suite for Emmys!

Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney writes from Los Angeles for A seasoned journalist with a long history during the halcyon days of the NY Daily News, Leah is a member of the Critics Choice and Rotten Tomatoes.

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