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Things are not getting better for Tom Cruise’s international release of “American Made.”

The worldwide total is now at $34.4 million for the Doug Liman-directed thriller. It’s played in most countries except China, Russia, and South Korea– Cruise’s go to countries. “The Mummy,” for example, inexplicably made $91 million in China early this summer.

But so far “American Made” has done less well in every country than “The Mummy.” It could be a case of over-saturation– they did just see him in another film that didn’t make much sense. Some people say the title is a turn off, especially with America declaring Trump trade wars abroad.

“American Made” has two more weeks to fill its coffers before its US release. Meantime, Cruise– recovering from injuries that have halted production of “Mission Impossible 6”– has not been seen or heard from all summer. The old smilin’ Tom would have shown up in London for a premiere on crutches. So who knows what’s going on?

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