There’s a terrifying hurricane in Florida but that didn’t keep the movie audience from paying to be terrified. Over the weekend, Stephen King’s “IT” directed by Andy Muschetti scored a Category 5 $117 million at the box office. That’s the record for a horror film, and a substantial comeback for Hollywood after nearly three months of low numbers.

“IT” is a nice success again for Warner Bros, which has teetered this year between famine– “King Arthur”– and feast — “Wonder Woman,” “Dunkirk.” This one comes under the shingle of Toby Emmerich, who’s one  third of the Warner exec triumvirate and also runs the New Line Cinema banner founded by Michael Lynn and Bob Shaye.

Including the US, “IT” made $179 million all over the world.

Elsewhere– despite awful reviews, Reese Witherspoon and friends raked in around $10 million for “Home Again.” So there was some audience after all, but not enough. “Home Again” will head to cable and other platforms with its tail between its legs.

Showing promise still: “Wind River,” which has turned out to a stealth crowd pleaser.

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