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“Twin Peaks: The Return” ended with an indifferent audience on Sunday night. The first hour had 254,000 viewers. The second hour dropped to 240,000. I’m sure as most people wondered what the heck was going on they headed for the so called exits. When it was clear the second hour would not be anything more than a long drive on dark road, the party was over.

It’s pretty clear “Twin Peaks” will not be returning again. Audrey Horne will forever be screaming into that mirror from Part 16. Sherilyn Fenn must be pissed. Apparently singer Julee Cruise is, for real. David Lynch didn’t use her to until the very end of 18 hours, and then cut her off. Not very nice considering the useless group of musicians who appeared as filler every week.

There were some beautiful moments during this run, certainly lots of great cinematography. And Episode 8 was an unusual, mesmerizing special thing. But none of it added up to anything at all, and most of it was just a cryptic message that was impossible to understand. I’ll bet most of the actors, who didn’t know where their piece would fit in, feel gypped.


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