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Well, congrats to “Law & Order” star Stephanie March. She just married Dan Benton, a nice guy and a rich one, too. Last November they came to Bob and Lee Woodruff’s Stand Up for Heroes on a date. Benton also brought along his pal, Silicon Valley mogul Dan Rosensweig.

At the event, Benton– who runs Andor Capital Management and is a big time tech investor– and Rosensweig bought a signed guitar from Bruce Springsteen at auction. They paid $280,000 for it. We chatted for quite a while. And the picture I took here is of the two of them flanking Bruce. (Dan’s on the left).

I don’t know who got custody of the guitar. But Benton got custody of March. She’d been ambushed by ex husband, chef Bobby Flay, when their 10 year marriage ended a couple of years ago. He’d been working in someone else’s kitchen, apparently. Now Stephanie’s found a better recipe for love!

All’s well that ends well– and maybe Bruce’s guitar had something to do with it!

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