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Tom Cruise’s new movie had what you could only call a soft opening this weekend. “American Made” hasn’t been released in America yet– and won’t be for another month.

Around the world, though, “American Made” was met with limited enthusiasm. Its best showing was in Australia, where it scored $1.7 million on 359 screens.  In the UK, it took $1.4 million. In New Zealand they picked up $160,000 on 76 screens.

Other countries include Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Norway. In the latter, “American Made” was like a lox with $200,000.

“American Made” won’t be helping the US box office when it’s released if other countries are a foreshadowing. In Australia, the box office dropped 10% from the prior week, for example.

Even the cheapest Tom Cruise costs $150 million, with Tom getting $20 million first dollar back. So the road ahead is long. More countries this weekend, and then more the next and the next until it’s given United Nations status as its own state.

“American Made” opens in America on September 29th.

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