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I don’t know why they don’t get it. But here we go again.

Global Citizen is gearing up for a week of activities with rock stars from September 18 to 23 including a Central Park concert with Stevie Wonder and a big ceremony downtown where they’ll give Annie Lennox an award.

But what does Global Citizen do? They do not give money to the poor or hungry. They just encourage us to think about the poor and hungry– while we’re at expensive events having nice meals and snacks.

In 2015 according to their most recent tax filing, Global Citizen’s salaries DOUBLED from $1.8 million to $3.6 million. No one at Global Citizen, which used to be known as Global Poverty, is going hungry.

In 2015, Global Citizen paid outside contractors almost $4 million to put on their concert in Central Park. The services weren’t donated. According to the filing, $2.3 million went to Consulting.

Money pours IN to Global Citizen. Donations TRIPLED in 2015 to $30 million from $10 million the year before.

On the same form 990, they list $1 million which was spent in various countries to “increase awareness of Global Poverty.” The $1 million wasn’t spent on food for the hungry. No, they just told people, there’s hunger around the world. And that took $1 million.

They claimed $25 million on total functional expenses including $887,705 in office expenses. Of that $19 million is listed as “other.” Meanwhile, there are huge famines all over the world.

Global Citizen is very attached to celebrity. Their chief celebrity speaker, named a couple of years ago, is Chris Martin of Coldplay. So you’d think Coldplay would be at the Central Park show. No. They’re playing the I Heart Music Festival in Las Vegas.

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