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Somehow, don’t ask me how, “Twin Peaks” came back into the top 150 on Sunday night. They had more viewers than in any other week so far– 329,000 people tuned in. The show finished 104th for the night.

Since there are no advance previews, no one could have known that one — one– plot from 25 years ago was finally resolved: Norma (Peggy Lipton) and Big Ed (Everett McGill) finally got together. Ed’s wife Norma just walked up to him out of the blue and said she was setting him free to be with Norma. This had nothing to do with anything from this Showtime season. But older fans were rewarded for a quarter century of patience.

The other big news was that the Log Lady passed away. Actress Catherine Coulson filmed all her scenes at once in 2015 when she was dying of cancer. They were all phone calls with Deputy Hawk. In their last exchange she told him she was dying and said Goodbye. It was quite poignant and very moving. Her log, she said, was turning gold.

The rest of Episode 15 was the usual mishmash of who knows what. Dougie (that Kyle MacLachlan’s other Agent Cooper stuck in a suburban purgatory) electrocuted  himself by putting a fork in a wall outlet. We’ll see what happens next. Is he dead? We should be so lucky.  The other Cooper, who used to be menacing, is now kind of Cooper like. Sherilyn Fenn’s Audrey is locked in some kind of dream or coma with a weird little man. But she was revealed as evil Richard’s mother.

“Game of Thrones” — amazing, dragon dies, is re-born, the White Walkers did a number on Jon Snow and gang. The result was 10.2 million viewers. Jon’s sisters are fighting. That doesn’t seem like a good idea. This Sunday is the last episode for a long time. I don’t know how they do these war and battle sequences. They’re just outstanding. Kudos to the dragons.

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