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Oh, Kellyanne Conway. We really really miss you. Where are you?

After months and months and months of lighting up Twitter with her ridiculous rationalizing and outright lying, Kellyanne is no where to be seen today. Perhaps worrying that General Pershing will be tied to the Bowling Green Massacre, Kellyanne is totally absent from the Sunday morning political shows. Even the ones on Fox.

Indeed, all the shows– “Meet the Press,” “This Week,” “Face the Nation,” “Lie to Me with Chris Wallace,” “Reliable Sources” — not one of them has a spokesperson from the White House or anyone who seems to have been there or knows Donald Trump. Everyone is gone– no Hope Hicks, no Sarah Huckabee Sanders, no Republicans of note.

And think of all the things they could be discussing besides Trump’s obsession with Nazis and confederate statues — like Trump pulling out of the Kennedy Center Honors. Like the mass resignation of corporate and arts commissions. So many other things to chat about than the fact that Trump has not called one family of military personnel killed abroad since he was sworn in.,

And Kellyanne– it’s obvious that she’s had “some work done” in the last few weeks. I heard she had a big face lift, and now she’s “bleeding from everywhere.”

Meantime, Trump is golfing at his golf club, day 75 of appearing at one of his properties. None of his aides have mentioned that Dick Gregory has died. Trump would confuse him with Flip Wilson. He loved Flip Wilson, especially when he was Geraldine.

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