Home Celebrity Katy Perry Delays “Witness” Tour by 12 Days “Due to Production Delays”

Katy Perry won’t be able to get a Witness until September 19th. Her tour to back her Witness album has been delayed by 12 days. It was supposed to kick off September 7th.

In a statement Perry says: “Due to unavoidable production delays, major elements of my tour stage design could not be available for me to rehearse on until this week,” said Katy Perry. “I’ll be spending the next few weeks taking the time to properly prepare the show to be an experience I am proud to share with you. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but hope everyone who sees the show will agree it was worth the wait.”

According to a press release: “WITNESS: The Tour is an imaginative trip from outer-space to inner-space, from the planets to the bottom of our oceans, and a musical journey through Katy Perry’s biggest milestones and mega-hits right up to her latest album. The dramatically original staging means that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, when Katy brings out her band and dancers, along with all the bells and whistles.”

I’ve seen Katy at Madison Square Garden. These shows are like something from Ringling Bros (without the animals). When there are “Fireworks,” it’s intense. Every song is a set piece often requiring acrobatics and pyrotechnics. It’s not like the old days when Carly or Carole or Joni just played their guitar or piano. It’s not even like Bette Midler coming out of a clam shell. If something went wrong, it would be a disaster on the scale of “Spider Man” on Broadway. So take all the time you need, Katy.

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