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Whew! See, things will be okay. Van Morrison has a live video of his new hit, “Tranformation.” New album “Roll with the Punches” comes out September 29th. Jeff Beck plays on the studio version.

Van says in a press release: “From a very early age, I connected with the blues. The thing about the blues is you don’t dissect it–you just do it. I’ve never over-analysed what I do; I just do it. Music has to be about just doing it and that’s the way the blues works–it’s an attitude. I was lucky to have met people who were the real thing–people like John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Witherspoon, Bo Diddley, Little Walter & Mose Allison. I got to hang out with them and absorb what they did. They were people with no ego whatsoever and they helped me learn a lot.”

Transformation by Van Morrison on VEVO.

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