Home Movies Exclusive: Snoop Dogg Will Play Himself in Matthew McConaughey-Harmony Korine Surfing Movie

First– Harmony Korine is making a movie called “The Beach Bum.” Matthew McConaughey will play the lead character named Moondog, a surfer who’s frittered his life away.

You know, a character named Moondoggie was very famous in novels, movies and a TV series starring Sally Field called “Gidget.” Moondoggie, famously played by James Darren, was a surfer who frittered his life away. Frederick Kohner was the author, and Gidget was based on his daughter, Kathy Kohner, who’s 76 and very much alive in Pacific Palisades, California. Just sayin…

Anyway, into “The Beach Bum” comes Snoop Dogg, who I am told will play himself or someone just like him. Maybe he’ll be the Big Kahuna in Moondog’s life.

Snoop Dogg– who literally walks around in a cloud of weed smoke– he sure gets around!

Let’s hope this movie improves on some of McConaughey’s latest duds including “The Dark Tower,” out now.

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