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I just stumbled on this. But music fans with long memories will recall that once Mariah Carey left Tommy Mottola he did everything to mess with her. Now on Viceland producer Irv Gotti explains exactly how Mottola used Jennifer Lopez to upset Carey’s career. The story centers around Lopez’s recording of “I’m Real.” According to Gotti, Carey had recorded with Ja Rule. Mottola found out and ordered Gotti to make a fast duet featuring Ja Rule with Lopez.

In fact, Mariah had already recorded “If We” with Ja Rule for the soundtrack to the movie “Glitter” in spring 2001. When she heard Tommy had scooped her– he pushed “I’m Real” out to blunt Carey’s debut on EMI Records — Carey had an emotional breakdown. She’d been recording with rapper for years against Mottola’s advice. Now he had stolen her thunder. Gotti explains in the clip how Mottola pushed so hard to get his revenge that he loaned Gotti and Lopez his private plane.

The “Glitter” movie was a bust and took the soundtrack with it. (I don’t think it’s even on Spotify.) JLO had the hit, and Mottola– at least briefly– had the satisfaction of sidelining his ex wife. But Mariah had a happy ending: a $50 million buyout from EMI, a resurrection at Def Jam, and success and happiness that continues to this day.

Gotti first admitted this in 2002 in XXL Magazine— and I wrote about it then. But this video interview is new. Check it out at around 2:13 on the video.

Mariah Carey and Ja Rule

Jennifer Lopez with Ja Rule

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