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Fashion: it’s not the Yankees, let’s put it that way. I know very little about it. But Opening Ceremony, according to the New Yorker, is as hip as it could be. The New Yorker called them a Mom and Pop shop, but the creators also run Kenzo and are part of big money fashion. BIG money. They make eccentric clothes for young people and depend on celebrities to push their message. All good. Why not?

BIG money means they can afford to pay director Spike Jonze (“Her”) and pop star Frank Ocean to oversee their Fashion Week show next month. (I’m sorry to miss it, but Fashion Week is simultaneous to the Toronto Film Festival.) I’m told the group has selected the always hip La Mama theatre in the East Village as their venue rather than stage their show in the Fashion Tent (behind Lincoln Center, I think, still.)

This will be theater, in other words. The choreographer is Ryan Heffington, who won awards for working on music videos for Sia and Arcade Fire. He is credited with the movement scenes in this summer’s terrific movie, “Baby Driver.”

Whatever this turns out to be, it’s going to be a hot, hot ticket. I’m told that there will be two performances on opening night (September 10th) followed by several days of shows for as long as a week. It’s going to be heavily scripted, with characters that, of course, challenge gender and sex. Sounds cool.

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