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Showtime is moving “Twin Peaks” to 8pm for its last six Sundays. The reason is pretty clear. This week, “Twin Peaks” had 240,000 viewers at 9pm. HBO’s “Game of Thrones” had 9.2 million viewers. I may have been the only person who watched “Twin Peaks” live at its right hour.

But it’s even worse than that. “Twin Peaks” only ran 53 minutes this week. “Game of Thrones” was 10 minutes longer. Anyone who was interested was able to switch over to the HBO show and catch about 15 minutes of it– and that’s because the last five or six minutes of “Twin Peaks” is a throwaway anyway.

This week, especially, “Twin Peaks” could barely make 45 minutes. Do they just run out of steam and say, Oh the hell with it? We don’t understand the show either.

I’m still thinking of Sherilyn Fenn as our beloved Audrey, sweater girl, now in her 40s and screaming at that strange little man about why she was wearing her coat. Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke was explaining her dragons’ names to Jon Snow. Audrey should have flown in on a dragon.

Will the 8pm move mean anything? I don’t know. I long for “Billions” and “Homeland” to return.

PS “Twin Peaks” finished 148th out of 150 cable shows on Sunday night.

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