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Panorama Festival, Friday night, Randall’s Island, NYC: Justin Timberlake strolled through the massive crowd with Jonah Hill and an unid’s young lady so they could see Frank Ocean and Solange churn it up. Panorama is run by Goldenvoice aka AEGLive. I’m very impressed with how well organizaed it was, very cleam and safe. It was the first rock festival I’ve been to where you barely smelled pot in the air!

Also spotted: Hadid, Jenner. Not my world.

Solange puts on a very well art directed show and she sings like crazy, she sings live. She comes down off the stage and wails. Her voice is Earthier than Beyonce’s. But it was very hot out, and Solange made her band wear heavy wool-looking orangey red long sleeve sweaters. Solange must get a summer look. Those poor people!

Frank Ocean also has a stunning voice. He shows it off best singing covers like “Never Can Say Goodbye.” His own material would benefit from some catchy hooks and choruses. The audience can only sing along to a few of his numbers. Most of the material is very introspective. The songs are like sketches. He’s crouched over some electronic devices for the first 20 minutes. Frank, get up and sing! Watch some Marvin Gaye videos.

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