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Hollywood has good news for a change. The top 11 box office movies did bang up business on Friday night and point to a very good weekend. Not only that, the films are pretty good, well reviewed (with an exception) and offer a lot of diversity.

Maybe it’s just an accident. But a happy one.

“The Emoji Movie” beat “Dunkirk” last night, but each of them still did very well with $10 million and $8 million respectively.

More importantly, there’s a lot of quality in the top 10 today– which is rare for summer. “Dunkirk,” “Baby Driver,” “Atomic Blonde,” “Spider Man,” “Wonder Woman,” “Girls Trip,” “Despicable Me 3,” “War for the Planet of the Apes”– are all top notch with some Oscar bound. “Girls Trip” has already earned $51 million. It was made for $19 million. With an 88 score on Rotten Tomatoes, the comedy is a success on many levels.

Then at number 11, we have “The Big Sick,” another terrific comedy. And in limited release, Kathryn Bigelow’s searing “Detroit” scored big numbers at its 20 locations. Each of these films is also headed to awards season with tons of potential.

The only exception might be “Valerian,” which is a bust in the US but plays much better in places like Germany, where no one knows what the characters are saying.

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