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At first Donald Trump thought he’d use gang violence on Long Island to distract everyone from his earth shaking loss last night in the Senate. Trump’s promise to kill Obamacare has gone up in smoke. More than six months in, Trump has no legislation. No wall, no real immigration ban, and now no TrumpCare. His presidency is a daily disaster.

But wait! Gangs on Long Island didn’t do it. People kept talking about healthcare. So what else can you do to divert attention from failure? Why not fire the White House Chief of Staff? And, voila, Reince Preibus is out, replaced by General John Kelly, head of Homeland Security. Preibus had been fighting with Steve Bannon since the beginning, Bannon wanted him out. Bannon, who everyone hates, was colorfully described by Anthony Scaramucci yesterday in the New Yorker.

But wait! Half an hour before Trump could announce Priebus was gone, Page Six broke another story: Scaramucci’s wife left him. She’s divorcing him. They have two kids and she lives on Long Island. She couldn’t stand his “ambition.” She would rather be on Long Island, where there are gangs, than in Washington. Mrs. S didn’t want to be part of the “Trump Rhapsody” anymore. The fandango is over. She’s “under pressure.”

It’s 5pm on a Friday in the nation’s capital. Business as usual under you know who. You can’t make this stuff up.

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