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Here’s something that really speaks to karma: Frank’s first wife, and the mother of his children, Nancy senior, just celebrated her 100th birthday in March. She is alive and kicking, I’m told. And she outlived all of Frank’s other wives. Nancy, you make us feel so young!

Meanwhile, hear that sound? It’s crickets, and it’s coming from the children of Frank Sinatra upon news of their stepmother’s death.

Barbara Marx was not a favorite of Nancy or Tina Sinatra, and they haven’t uttered a sound about her death yesterday at age 90. Barbara Blakeley was Frank’s fourth wife, and Sinatra insiders remember her only as creating divisiveness among family members.

But now on the Sinatra website there is no mention of Barbara’s death. Nancy Sinatra, an inveterate Tweeter, posted several times yesterday but nothing about her stepmom.

“When she came in she cleaned house, got rid of Frank’s lawyer and all his closest associates,” a Sinatra expert tells me.

Luckily, all of Sinatra’s recordings and rights to his image, etc were left to his two daughters and late son Frank Jr.



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