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Looks like Mick Jagger just dropped two new songs with videos. He’s the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. The songs — “Gotta Get a Grip” and “England Lost” are crunchy indeed, funky, timely and sound like they refer back to Mick’s days at the London School of Economics. Listen, watch:

The notes supplied: “Turns out pairing up a septuagenarian rock icon with an incendiary grime star is a pretty good idea. “England Lost” is a (very literal) state-of-the-union anthem that serves up Skepta, some unashamedly big-beat stylings and the satisfying sound of an invigorated Mick Jagger. The crunching “Gotta Get a Grip”, meanwhile, scores a fleet of souped-up remixes.”

Mick writes on Twitter: “I started writing these two songs a few weeks back and wanted to get them out to you straight away .When I started writing England Lost I imagined a British rapper on the track @Skepta stepped in at a moments notice. “

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