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Why did Justin Bieber cancel 14 stadium shows, leaving his fans, the promoters, and his manager out on a limb? Here’s what’s going on:

Justin Bieber is already a born again Christian. He’s also a bit of a rube with a lot of money and no actual education. He’s also prey to any cult that could find him. And so, as I reported a while ago, Bieber has been snatched by Hillsong Church and its self-made New York pastor Carl Lentz.

Back in March, Bieber attended Hillsong’s big conference in New Zealand with Lentz. They gave a lot of interviews that have just been sitting on YouTube. Here’s one in which Bieber declares his love for Lentz while brushing his teeth (I’m surprised he wasn’t also clipping his nails, too):

In July he participated in another interview with Lentz. Notice that he’s wearing aviator glasses similar to the ones Lentz sports. Also, Bieber is showing off a “What Would Jesus Do?” rubber bracelet

On YouTube, there’s an instructive video (courtesy of the DailyMail) of Lentz and Bieber shopping together, also from this month.
justin credit card
Watch at :31 when the bodyguard hands Bieber’s credit card to Lentz as they enter Louis Vuitton.

This started in July 2015, when Bieber told another interviewer about staying with Lentz in New York for three weeks:

But he wasn’t quite there yet with religion. He also told them about naming his penis:

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