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EXCLUSIVE I’m told that Michael Moore’s next doc, “11/9,” probably will not make a release date before the end of the year. We can cross it off the lists for potential awards this year.

A source says, “They’re not racing to any finish. It’s very hard lock a picture on Trump when things are changing every day, every hour.”

Moore named his new film as a twist on his Oscar winning “Fahrenheit 911.” The “11/9” here refers to the day after Election Day, 2016.

Meanwhile, Moore begins previews on Friday for his Broadway show, “The Terms of My Surrender.” It’s a one man show directed by Michael Mayer, but there will also be guest shots every night by a variety of celebrities.

Opening night is August 10th. The script, still evolving, is said to be hilarious. But the show will also take up enough of Moore’s time that “11/9” may have to wait a bit. Maybe Trump will be out of office, or under impeachment hearings, by the time Moore is ready to release the film.

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