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Sunday cable ratings: HBO’s  “Game of Thrones” second week back was high enough. They scored 9,270,000 viewers. Think of it– at the same time over on NBC, Megan Kelly had just 2,700,000 viewers– and many of them may have been waiting for a dragon to swoop in and end it all. The GoT numbers just wiped out the networks, while many of the “GoT’ cast also got wiped out. This Sunday, Jon Snow meets Danearys, which means another huge showing.

Meanwhile, “Twin Peaks” fell to 219,000 viewers. More people watched a itinerant juggler on my street corner Sunday afternoon. Sunday night’s episode wasn’t coherent, but it was very interesting and packed with revelations– like Shelly and Bobby are the parents of a married young woman named Becky, played by Amanda Seyfried. This means Becky is the granddaughter of the very late Major Briggs. Does this mean anything? Probably not.

In Episode 11, Peggy Lipton made another mute appearance as Norma. Can she not speak? And where all the promised members of the original cast like Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, Everett McGill, Chris Mulkey, James Marshall?  And will any of the weird things be explained? (No.) Matthew Lillard’s head was eaten off in Episode 11– what happened to that whole story line?

By the time any of these people show up, the remaining viewers will just be me and David Lynch’s family.

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