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Ed Sheeran caused a commotion on the internet Tuesday. It seemed like he pulled off social media by shutting down his Twitter account. Did he have a thin skin after his “Game of Thrones” appearance instigated lots of crazy comments by trolls? Maybe.

But Sheeran’s account is back, with a proviso: he’s not using that account anymore, but has directed everyone to Instagram. Why? Who knows? Anyway, on Instagram, he’s got photos from “Thrones” with thousands and thousands of comments good and bad.

Even so social media has its ups and downs. Sheeran’s Instagram account is called @teddysphotos. Unfortunately, no one from his camp set up a Twitter account with that handle, so some smart Alec has jumped into the fray and started one for him with that name. Nature abhors a vacuum, you know.

The “Thrones” deluge has not deterred Sheeran from from more TV appearance.  He’s announced an appearance on “The Simpsons” for this fall.

And just in case you were wondering, Sheeran gets the last laugh. His “Divide” album has sold 750,000 copies including paid downloads, streaming aside.  The album is set to win the Grammy for Album of the Year, and he’s likely to get either Record of the Year or Song of the Year for “Castle on the Hill.” His “Shape of You” might have more trouble because of its authorship issues.

But either way, Ed Sheeran is going to be Prince of the Grammys. Snarky comments will be irrelevant. Living well is the best revenge as photos from his vacation with a beautiful girl bear out!

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