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Sunday night ratings: “Game of Thrones” set an HBO record with its sixth season opener. They had over 10 million viewers. Think of it: over on CBS, “60 Minutes” had around 5 million viewers, on NBC Megyn Kelly had 3 million. And that was free TV.

Over on cable, no one watched much of anything else. The next highest rated show for Sunday night was the series “Power” on Starz, with 1.7 million viewers.

At 9pm, while “Game of Thrones” was eating TV alive, “Twin Peaks” lost the viewers it had picked up after Part 8. Part 9 was so dreadful that everyone who sampled the show based on good reviews for Part 8, left. “Twin Peaks” scored 264,000 viewers. More people live in my neighborhood.

In case you were one of those 264,000, then we can talk: Really? Really? No one on this show knows how to plot or tell a story in a way that makes sense. Jim Belushi, who I usually like, was terrible. Also, I have no idea what the people in his story pod are doing. Naomi Watts deserves a trophy for investing in dross every week.

Also, the random violence is not funny or interesting. Richard Horne beat up his grandmother and called her the ‘c’ word. It wasn’t arch or entertaining. And since we’re not sure who he is or what the heck is going on, who cares? Eight more weeks. Good lord.

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