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Sunday night in St Paul, Minnesota: Caitlyn Jenner came face to face with her former son-in -law, Kris Humphries. You remember Kris! He was married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days. This means Kim was married to a man with her mother’s name.
At the time, Bruce Jenner was Kris’s husband, and Kris Humphries’ father-in-law. Now Bruce is Caitlyn, divorced from Kris, and Kris Humphries’ ex- mother-in-law.  It wasn’t clear if anyone at the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala in St. Paul understood  that. The result was a near miss disaster on the red carpet.
“First the red carpet director had to orchestrate their limos so Kris and Caitlyn didn’t get out at the same time, which almost happened,” said a source. “Then inside the dinner, Caitlyn finally got up and went over to say hello to Kris. After all, she was his father in law. Now she’s his ex mother inlaw.”
Caitlyn also caused a commotion in the ladies room during the dinner. I’m told so many women followed her in there that she couldn’t get into a stall. Finally someone yelled, “For chrissakes, she’s got to pee!”
Jenner didn’t talk much about Bruce’s old pal OJ Simpson maybe getting paroled this week. She did talk at length to anyone who’d listen about maybe running for the Senate in Califorinia, by the way. She said she wants to help the transgender community. But when someone asked, “with public funds?” she backed off.
This, by the way, is not the plot of Part 10 of “Twin Peaks: The Return.” But it could be!

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