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Married, and popular, Senator Gary Hart was almost the Democratic candidate for President in 1988– until the press discovered he was having an affair with hot blonde model Donna Rice. Since Hart was married, that ended his presidential bid. Someone (Dukakis? Mondale? who can remember?) ran against George H W. Bush and lost.

Now Hugh Jackman will play Hart in “The Front Runner,” directed by Jason Reitman. Casting has begun for 13 major roles, but so far there’s no listing for Rice. Either Reitman has found the right girl, or Rice will be a footnote to the story. That doesn’t seem possible.

So what ever happened to Donna Rice, now 59. She and her husband, Jack Hughes, are running a not for profit called Enough Is Enough in Glen Falls, Virginia. It’s supposed to do make the  internet safe for families. I checked their Form 990s for the last three years. The Hughes are the only employees of Enough is Enough. For the last three years they’ve paid themselves a total of $100,000 per year in salary. They don’t give gifts or grants. The salaries take up most of the expenses. All their other expenses are things like travel and office expenses. Two employees, no donations to other groups.

If I were their donors, I’d say, Enough is enough!

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