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What happened with NBC Late Night and the Emmys?

Both Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show and Seth Meyers’ “Late Night” were shut out of the competition for Best Talk/Variety shows.

Yet “Saturday Night Live” got the most nominations ever in its 900 year run. They even scored three Best Supporting Actress nominations (Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Bayer), one Best Supporting Actor (Alec Baldwin) as well as guest star Melissa McCarthy (sure to win).

All three shows are exec produced by Lorne Michaels. So this was a good and bad day for him. Something went wrong. Both Fallon and Meyers deserved nominations. Meyers’ political commentary in “A Closer Look” segments is outstanding almost every night.

Either the voters thought it was too much for Michaels, or somehow the clips didn’t click.

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