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Sunday cable ratings are in, they’re like a parlor game at this point.

The good news: Twin Peaks picked up 90,000 viewers and was the 41st most watched cable show on Sunday night. Word of mouth and great press from two Sundays ago certainly did the trick. If only Showtime let the press see the episodes in advance, we could help. Sunday night’s showing was their best so far. Alas, the episode was back to a lot of the same stuff prior to episode 8, although it was nice to see guest stars Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The late Miguel Ferrer stole the show with the two best deadpan delivered lines.

The bad news: Megyn Kelly was beaten by almost anything on the air. Reruns of bowling competitions would do her in. She’s still getting sacked by “60 Minutes”–they did more than twice as much. And the rerun of Funniest Home Videos is also killing her. I’ve started to forget she’s still on the air. I think most other people feel the same way, too.

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