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Lots of hoopla today from Brit tabloid The Sun that Daniel Craig is coming back as James Bond. I told you he was returning as James Bond last fall. Bond producer Barbara Broccoli underwrote Craig in the amazing “Othello” production last year off Broadway. Craig, who doesn’t want to be remembered just as 007, scored big points in that event. That was his trade off with Broccoli for one more turn as the tuxedo clad international playboy.

We won’t see the next Bond movie anyway until 2019. There’s got to be space between it and what’s become its knockoff, a new “Mission Impossible” movie.

As for Adele returning to sing the title song of the next Bond, I’d calm down about that. For one thing, Adele’s in the dog house right now over her canceled Wembley shows. For another, 18 months from now is a long time. Broccoli may have other ideas. Someone else may be the hot singer at that moment, or have a better song. Beyonce hasn’t had a Bond song yet. It may be her time. Or someone else we don’t know about.

Craig, meanwhile, looks like he had a lot of fun making Steven Soderbergh’s “Logan Lucky.” He gets to do comedy, and the trailer suggests maybe he steals the movie. Good notices there, plus “Othello,” will give him incentive to get back to Bond. Now all they need is a director if Sam Mendes doesn’t come around.

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