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The second young man who filed a posthumous sex claim case against Michael Jackson has had his hopes for a big payout dashed. LA Family Court judge Mitchell Beckloff has dismissed the case brought by Jimmy Safechuck, now 39, who was once one of the kids who stayed at Neverland and hung out with Jackson.

The dismissal of the Safechuck complaint comes after a similar dismissal of a complaint brought by dancer Wade Robson. His case was already gone, but a second part of it– filed against Michael’s business entities–is similar to Safechuck’s case. Robon’s part two will likely go the way of Safechuck’s.

Both Robson and Safechuck filed against Jackson’s estate years after the pop star’s death in 2009. Perhaps seeing that the estate was shutting down payouts and settlements of all kinds (most without merit) the pair lined up to what they could get. And the answer was, nothing.

Add their cases to Jackson’s acquittal in the 2005 child molestation case brought by Janet Arvizo on behalf of her son, Gavin. That case turned out to totally without merit, a fantasy, and a possible shakedown.

The one outstanding settlement Jackson made with a family was for the first claim, with Jordan Chandler, back in 1995. It’s pretty clear now that Jackson was frightened and accepted very bad advice to settle with the Chandlers rather than dispute their claim publicly. If only he had, Jackson might be alive today. Everything bad that happened to him followed from that debacle, and he never recovered.

None of Jackson’s eccentric behavior is erased from history. But at least his children breathe a sigh of relief that his legacy has been exonerated. It’s small consolation, I’m sure.

A tip of the hat to the website DailyMichael.com, which has done a great job following all these cases.


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