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Congrats to Gabrielle Anwar. She’s joining the cast of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” Will she be good or evil? On “Burn Notice,” she was very good, then stayed on in Miami, got married and has been writing a novel.

So attention Hollywood literary agents. I’ve read Gabrielle’s “Timepiece” and it’s a winner. Set in England, it’s kind of a sweeping romantic mystery– and it takes place in contemporary times. Women are going to gobble up the story of Amelia Beart, who goes on a very intriguing investigation of her family history.

Gabrielle calls it “a lyrical exploration into a variation of the Oedipus complex, the attraction between a child and their opposite gender parent. Due to her absentee father, our heroine discovers the psychological & physiological effect of patriarchal rejection, and then the resulting desire to pursue unrequited love as an adult.”

By the way, Gabrielle will be commuting to Hollywood from Miami. A couple of years ago she married Shareef Malnik, owner of the famous Forge restaurant. A multi-talent, she’s having the best of all worlds!

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