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Where in the world is Will Ferrell? I am a particular fan of Ferrell’s crazy spots on late night TV shows– Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert, Corden, Meyers et al. When the former “SNL” star turned movie star shows up, it’s always fun and madcap. And whenever Ferrell has a new movie, you know that’s where you will find him.

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But his new movie “The House” is evidently so wretched that Ferrell has eschewed all his regular nighttime spots. He’s appeared with co-star Amy Poehler on “Ellen” (which is like a living press release).Will and Amy also appeared on “Good Morning America.”

Last night he showed up on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Now?” which has a tiny viewership. Otherwise, Ferrell has been AWOL from promoting this film. He knows it’s a stinker. So why bother?

Indeed, this morning there are 11 negative reviews posted overnight on Rotten Tomatoes. There are two positive ones, so the film has  a 15. The two positive reviews come from Australia, and from a blog. All the main reviewers who’ve seen “The House” are quite critical.

“The House” faces tougher competition than usual this weekend. “Baby Driver” is the go-to movie, very hip and standing at a 98 rating. “The Big Sick” is the comedy choice for the weekend, already beloved. “Despicable Me 3” is the kids’ movie for the mall.

PS “Baby Driver,” which opened Wednesday, already has $10 million and great word of mouth. Sony/Columbia, waiting for “Spider Man” and July 7th, is having a summer turnaround.


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