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And the winner is? Everyone!

As Friday closed for business, the new number 1 album on the charts was either Imagine Dragons’ “Evolve” or DJ Khaled’s “Grateful.” It’s all how you look at it.

The Dragons sold around 107 CDs and downloads. But at Amazon.com, their download only cost $5.99– half price, basically. The DJ Khaled collection– far more interesting– sold around 47,000 CDs and downloads at the regular price.

Who wins that chart? I don’t know. You decide.

Then, according to hitsdailydouble.com, things get trickier. Combining all sales with streaming, the two albums tied at around 138,000 copies. But remember those discounted Dragons.

Neither album will be remembered in five or ten years, but we’re here now and we have to deal with this stuff.

Meanwhile, the Beatles sold 6,000 more box sets at $117.99 of the “Sgt Pepper” 50th edition.  Prince sold 30,000 copies of the 25th anniversary edition of “Purple Rain.”

Radiohead sold 16,000 copies of the “OK Computer” 20th edition. Wait! It’s been 20 years since I ran home to listen to “Karma Police” on my stereo? Wow! Time flies!

Also today, Lin-Manuel Mirando released the “Hamilton Instrumentals.” They have milked this thing to the nth degree.  What’s next? Oh you know they must have plenty more ideas. “Hamilton for Dummies”? “The Polka Version”? And “Hamilton on Ice” featuring Scott Hamilton can’t be far off!

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